Jumping Back to Life

As new members join, the dance team strikes once again


Logan Brown

Danceline performs at Homecoming halftime.

by Katrina Wilfong, Yearbook Conduit

Two captains of the dance team are very talented in what they do. Senior Marissa Sipe is one of them. She can pull off flips that shock the crowd every time.

She has been on the dance team for four years. Getting Tara Higgins and having those coaches push their team to be better and outstanding is improving the team. Everyone on the team is reaching out to the people they know and convincing them to participate.

“I’m most excited about competitions this year,” Sipe said.

When Marissa was little she would always go to her brother’s football games. Watching the sideline dancers and they inspired her. Marissa finally did what she loved and finally joined the dance team and she has been on it for four years. 

Junior Ellie Gibbs would always dream of being a dancer and would go to the clinics they had or little kids. She fell in love with dance and she thought going to the clinics was cool. Ever since then she started dancing and landed Co-Captain of the dance team. 

“We did a lot of promoting, and having our coach who works for the middle school promoted us to her students,” Gibbs said.

There is something about a rush that is super exciting. For Gibbs, she is very excited about the competition and the variety shows that she will be attending. Gibbs also gets to help choreograph a bunch of routines.