Ready for Eddy

Spanish teacher moves from Hardin to High


Amber Sutton

James Eddy is the new Spanish teacher at SCHS.

by Amber Sutton, Staff Writer

James Eddy, who previously taught Spanish at Hardin Middle school, has recently moved to teach at St. Charles High. He is now one of the Spanish teachers at the school. The reason for the move from school to school is a simple one, and it has come with very little known complications. 

“I’d been teaching at Hardin for seven years, and I mean, it’s just like anything– if you do the same thing long enough, over and over again, it gets a little bit boring,” Eddy said. “I had the opportunity to come up here with older students, I get to teach a higher level of Spanish, and it’s just kind of nicer to have a different set of challenges than what I had before. It keeps things interesting.”

Hardin and SCHS have many differences, the age group of students being just one of them. Eddy says that one of the harder things to adjust to is the block scheduling, though he likes it better having longer classes, instead of shorter ones every day. 

When asked about what he missed about Hardin, he said his windows. 

“Where my classroom is is significantly better. I’m closer to a bathroom, I’m in a lower traffic hallway, and my students are smarter, so when I use bigger words, they understand what I’m talking about,” he said. “I’m also in a basement, I don’t have windows anymore. I used to have really beautiful windows.“ 

Eddy also likes how he is working with older students now, rather than the younger teens at Hardin. 

“Here at the high school, students are just older and just more mature than they are as seventh and eighth graders. I enjoy getting to talk to my students more because they’re just closer to adults.”

Another thing he likes about the new school is that he doesn’t have to miss any of his students, because most of the people from Hardin end up coming to the high school.