Bigger Team Increased Dreams

Additions to the cheer team has introduced new skills


Angelica Garcia

Cheer performs at their Homecoming assembly

by Katrina Wilfong, Yearbook Conduit

The Cheer team has always been small, but over the years it has grown tremendously. Compared to last year they had nine people on the team, this year they have about 12 people. The new members bring more skills to the table. As the year goes on the Cheer team is gaining more and more confidence; Coach Natalie McDowell pushes them to be more themselves.

“I installed a positive coaching method,” McDowell said.

This is her second year being the Cheer coach. She is very impressed with the skill level of her team and how the team is gaining more people. When she was younger she was on the GAC team which is an elementary and middle school cheer team, they would always play St. Charles High. She moved out here last year and saw an opening in our school to be the head coach. She is very thrilled to experience more advanced skills. 

Jaylynn LeBeau is one of two Cheer Captains. LeBeau said she thinks the team has gained more members because of how many interesting stunts they pull off, and make it look easy. She also said the bond is what really pulls through. Without the bond, the stunts wouldn’t be flawless.

“I was forced to do it, but I am stuck with it because I love it,” LeBeau said.

After four years of hard work she has gotten a team with a heightened skill level. Being a 2023 graduate, senior LeBeau is looking forward to the senior activities. 

Cheer is a hard thing to do. Cheerleaders have to memorize a lot of words and moves. They’re also stunting a lot and if anything goes wrong with the stunt, many people can get injured and they can get seriously hurt.

Another fellow senior cheer member is Olivia Helton. She believes the new coach is why the team is improving dramatically. 

“Growing up I watched a lot of cheer movies and wanted to be a cheerleader,” Helton said.

Helton is very excited to learn new routines that they will be performing for parents and students.