Soccer Season Results

The varsity soccer team made it to the district final.


Courtesy SCHSfootyfanatic

The seniors on the varsity soccer team

by Mackenzie Bufford, Staff Writer

The girls varsity soccer team performed very well this season and had a record of 17-7-1. They played hard all season and continued to grow as players and as a team. The team has built on their success from being in the state final last season and were wanting to prove that they could get farther this year and win it all. 

“I’m very excited going into districts because I know what we’re capable of and how far we can actually make it,” said junior Jewel Archie. 

There was however pressure placed on the girls. Many people in the school and the community were rooting for them. They wanted them to play better than they did last year in hopes that they would succeed as a team and win state. 

“Having the pressure of what we did last season. We didn’t have any of that last year. So this season we’re coming off of something bigger,” said junior Grace Skeen. 

Factoring out districts it’s important to focus on how well the team played this season and how they came together to play as one team. 

“I would say this year we’ve had more highs than lows. I think we’re further along than we were last year, I think we’re more prepared and I think our experiences from last year are going to pay off,” said Head Coach Rodney Orrick. 

The District Final game against Orchard Farm began on Thursday, May 19, but was interrupted by severe weather and a tornado warning. At that point, the score was 0-0. The game resumed the next day, Friday, May 20, and picked up just after halftime. Orchard Farm prevailed 3-2. 

To be honest, [I feel] devastated… You are heartbroken for the entire team because they are such a special group of people and you want it for them so badly.  Unfortunately soccer can be like that, and the best team doesn’t always win. Either way, this was one of the most talented teams I have ever had the privilege to coach and I will never forget the ability and character of this Senior Class,” said Orrick.