Senior Six Flags Field Trip

Seniors on their trip for the end of the school year

by Livi Lewis, Staff Writer

On May 13, the senior trip took place at Six Flags in Eureka, Missouri. Seventy-six seniors and six chaperones came along for the trip to the amusement park. Here are some photos from the grand time at Six Flags.

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  • Students on the bus headed to Six Flags

  • Six Flags at a distance from the seats of the bus

  • Buses from other school Districts in the parking lot

  • Students eagerly waiting to walk towards the entrance

  • Students walking around the entrance of the amusement park

  • Mr. Freeze roller coaster upside down in action

  • Mr. Freeze at the very top of the drop

  • Crowded line for the roller coaster, The Boss

  • Drop railing of Batman

  • Miya Coates(left) and Brenden Barteau(right) showing off their capes

  • Seniors walking back to the bus to leave

  • Seniors on the bus, ready to leave

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