SCHS Summer Sport Camps

Student athletes have busy summer schedules after the end of the school year

by Waverly Boock, Copy Editor

Summer for students at SCHS can look very different depending on the person. Some are filled with large amounts of freetime, and others with vacations and activities. Student athletes especially have an extra activity to partake in, sport camps. These camps can be an opportunity to meet new recruits and to strengthen the overall team spirit. 

“They benefit the team in general, because it’s like a bonding [type] thing more than anything,” sophomore Alexis Davis said. 

Although these sport camps can be beneficial to the athletes, they can take a toll on other summer activities and responsibilities.

“Now I have a job during the summer, [and] planning around that can affect me making that money… and [we have to plan around] family vacations, which can be a little frustrating,” junior Molly Pieper said. 

These summer sport camps have both their pros and cons. While some students find them useful, others can see them as a nuisance. Summer sport camps aren’t going to go away; however, they may need to go through some needed change in the future.
“I don’t think summer sports camps get in the way of summer plans,” sophomore Jenna Hollrah said, “most of our camps are in June, so that gives athletes all of July to have fun outside of sports.”