Out with the Old, In with the New

Daniel McMullen is announced as the new SCHS pirates football head coach


by Colton Schroer, Broadcast Liaison

As it is getting closer and closer to Bob Leonard’s retirement, Dan McMullen has been picked to represent the pirates.

“Coach Dan McMullen will be an incredible asset to the St. Charles football community. He is dedicated to the student-athletes not only one the field but off,” Incoming Activities Director Ben Owens said. “He has already made strides in recruitment of players and reaching out to the players and teachers for academic support.”

McMullen is determined and ready to coach the Pirates day in and day out.

“I’m the perfect person for the Pirate team and I was born ready to coach this team! The players continue to show me their heart, leadership and fight in the same areas I had to endure when I was their age. I’m filled with extreme pride every day that I wake up knowing that I’m their coach and I wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else,” McMullen said. “Coming in during the school year when I’m not in the building has its challenges, but I refuse to let that be an excuse and I find ways to work for these boys!”

As much as McMullen is excited to coach and run this team, he is more focused on making a family out of the team and getting them on the right track.

“This opportunity is bigger than just football. My ability to coach football at a high level will speak for itself as I’ve played at the professional level and have coached every level from Semi-Pro all the way down to the youth level,” McMullen said. “I can relate to players and I know how to create football players! I care about my players more than just football players. I care about them as part of my family and I will work harder for them than anyone else.”

McMullen also wants to give a new look and restore the pride lost along the way.

“Once this team takes the field, the student body, the community and the entire state of Missouri is going to be talking about the new look of the Pirates! We’re changing the culture of this school and this team. With over 100 years of history, we’re restoring its pride and tradition and our TEAM is the perfect team to restore that pride,” McMullen said.

Even though we can’t predict the future, it is very clear that McMullen is more than just ready to coach the football team. He is organized and prepared.

“I love the skills and drive he possesses. Only time will tell, but the sky’s the limit,” Activities Director Corey Hahn said.