Golfing to Greatness

Waverly Boock and Logan Gerdemann


Garrett Johns

Travis Orf preparing his swing

by Mackenzie Bufford, Staff Writer

The golf season has recently started and with a new season comes new players, as well as returning players. 

“I always look forward to seeing growth out of our golfers that come out so hopefully they get better by the end of the year than they were the first day they came,” said coach Micheal Zacheis. 

One of the bigger changes that the golf team has seen this year is the new players on the varsity level. Every season teams will lose seniors and have other players step up the next season. Even though it happens a lot, having others step up to fill the spot is crucial to the success of the sport. 

“This is my first year on varsity and it has been a big adjustment playing against boys from other teams. However, they are always very nice and I still have a good time out there,” said junior Ashleigh Reed.

For someone who is new at the sport, it can be hard to get the hang of it, like anything new can be. However through perseverance, one can improve and begin to not only play the sport but also enjoy it. 

“It’s difficult at first… when you first start off, but it’s really enjoyable once you get the hang of it,” said junior Alaina Thomas. 

Golf can also be difficult for people who have played before. Continuing to try and improve at something can be difficult and frustrating, but it shows others around how serious and passionate you are about it. Continuing to improve will cause you to be successful at some point. This mindset not only applies to golf but also life. 

“At the beginning of my first season I like would not even make contact with the ball but now… it’s definitely going a lot further,” said Thomas.  

The team’s record is 0-6 but there have been individual wins such as Travis Orf, Alex Roesner and Connor Bayliss. Travis Orf received fifth place at the School of Fulton Tournament. The end of the golf season is near and Zacheis is looking forward to hopefully being able to send someone to state. 

“I think the thing I’m always excited for each year is… hopefully we get someone to state that can qualify,” said Zacheis.