Modernized Makeover

Workers install new main gym bleachers to replace the old ones


by Cesar Cervantes , Social Media Manager

The bleachers at St. Charles High have been used by many generations of students over the years, which has worn them out as well as made them outdated pretty quickly. Following that, students complained how uncomfortable it was for them to sit for long periods of time. As of now that problem won’t be an issue anymore, St. Charles High is getting brand new ones so it can fix the issue and also have a modern look instead of having the plain old wooden ones. Activities Director Corey Hahn was the one to make the decision to put in new bleachers because of the problems. 

Bleachers were replaced because old ones were worn out and having repair issues,” Hahn said. 

As a result, Hahn said that there will be a Pirate logo on them as well and he is also pretty excited for them to be finished and admire them. 

“The new ones are going to look great – Navy Blue with the Pirate logo on them,” Hahn said. 

In order for students to have a chance to experience them before the school year ends, workers have been working hard and fast on them. The bleachers will finish and be cleaned up on Monday, April 25.

At long last with the bleachers being replaced with new ones, students won’t be as uncomfortable as they were with the old bleachers.