Overcoming Senioritis

Seniors talk about the past year and finishing out the last two months without motivation

by Livi Lewis, Staff Writer

The school year of 2021-22 has been filled with many ups and downs. Covid-19 has finally settled and most students have been able to enjoy their education without illness creeping up on them. The seniors at SCHS, class of 2022, were in their sophomore years when quarantine took over. Coming back to school their junior years, they worked hard to make up for the work they had missed from being on lockdown. Now, with less than two months of school left, they scrape together the finishing touches for graduating. The new illness to worry about, senioritis, is slowly catching up to all soon-to-be graduates and making it difficult to finish strong by May 26.

Poll answered by seniors on how they feel about graduating Spring 2022 (Livi Lewis)

Nick Gallegos, senior, says how his year has slowly taken a toll on him.

Nick Gallegos (Livi Lewis)

“It’s been pretty good. First semester went really well, second semester is when I kind of started struggling because I stopped caring as much about school when I should have cared,” Gallegos said.

Even though it has been hard, Gallegos tries to cope with other hobbies.

“I play video games and go to the gym, I try to keep a balance and it’s a good stress reliever,” Gallegos said. 

Gallegos mentions that after three and a half years, it’s relatable to be tired of high school.

“They’re [seniors] sick of it and they just want to leave, it’s understandable,” Gallegos said.

Gallegos is ready to graduate and is planning to go to community college next year. Cassidy Blanke, senior, has enjoyed her classes this year.

Cassidy Blanke (Livi Lewis)

“I’m taking electives I never really thought I would take like Home Repairs, I’m taking this class called G.E.E. that is this senior projects class with Mr. Lenger. That’s pretty fun,” Blanke said. “I have Child Development, I just took it on a whim and I ended up really liking it. And I’m taking three college classes; College Algebra, CUSH and College Comp. The only one I have struggled with is College Algebra because I’m not the best at math.” 

Blanke said, “Motivation for sure,” is where she struggles most, but she has a couple tricks up her sleeve that have helped her with getting assignments done.

“I would say what really helps me is if I don’t go home and do it first thing, I know I’m going to wait until the last minute, so do things as soon as you possibly can. This is something else that I have talked to some people about that they also agree with, I don’t know why, but if I make myself a fun little drink like a big glass of water or coffee or tea or something, it helps me focus – I’m not sure why. And making sure my work area is clean,” Blanke said. 

She also says that finding peers to lean on is a good way to strategize with coping.

“Finding solace in others and relating to people. Sometimes I will change my location or change how I’m trying to do something so I can get it done,” Blanke said.

Overall, she’s happy with her high school experience, and is grateful for the things it has given her.

I feel like every single person you meet is going to teach you something in some way or at least impact you no matter if it’s someone you see everyday but never talk to or someone you end up becoming close to. I’ve met a lot of friends this year that I was never that close with.”

— Cassidy Blanke

Blanke is going to Truman State University and is very excited to see where the next year takes her. Justin Grafeman, senior, opens up about how his senior year has been.

“Tough in a sense, it’s not been easy with all the work and higher up classes I’ve had to take but you kind of just gotta get through it so you can graduate. You gotta do all you can,” Grafeman said.

Grafeman is taking a variety of classes.

“College U.S. History and I’m in Honors Physics and Principles of BioMedical Science isn’t easy either,” Grafeman said. 

Grafeman has struggled with procrastination in the past, but he says working as soon as possible helps him overcome this struggle.

“It’s easier if you do it quicker because you have more time to do it, you have more time to fix any kinks in the system, any flaws that you have. Procrastination can give you a boost of motivation because you have to get it in fast, but it can also cause you to make a lot of mistakes and that can ultimately hurt everything,” Grafeman said.

Grafeman is the first of his siblings to graduate and go off to college. He is going to community college and majoring in Psychology. The best advice he can give is to just push through this part of the year.

“Just graduating and getting through it. I have to be a role model for my younger siblings,” Grafeman said.