Blood Drive Rescheduling

Event gets rescheduled due to a fire

by Mackenzie Bufford, Staff Writer

The blood drive was originally meant to be held on March 7, 2022, but due to a fire in the school it was canceled and is currently being rescheduled to another date. 

“We have a date in May that we might be able to do. I’ve still got to check on a few things… they are only able to fit us in on this one day so I have to make sure that day works,” said Key Club sponsor Emily Russell. 

Even though the Key Club members won’t be the ones drawing the blood, they still were able to help out by checking kids in and out and by getting anything that the volunteers would need while they were getting their blood drawn. 

There are two jobs the Key Club would be doing, first would be writing passes for the kids that are donating and the other would be helping the Red Cross by getting water and snacks for the people donating,” said key club member Emily Wagner.

There is currently a national blood shortage due to Covid-19. It is said to be the worst blood shortage in over a decade. This is one of the reasons as to why the Key Club decided to host a blood drive. Another reason as to why the Key Club wanted to host a blood drive was to give students a way to donate blood easily. 

“The overall goal was to give students an opportunity to donate blood if they’re interested because it can be hard to find it if it’s not presented to you through school or another activity and of course because there has been a national blood shortage,” said key club member Lydia Holterman.