Corey Hahn will retire from his role as Activities Director at the end of the school year

Bre Gant

by Cesar Cervantes, Social Media Manager

With the 2022 school year on the way to be finished, there has been a lot of talk about some staff members retiring after this school year is finished. One of them being Corey Hahn the Activities Director. Mr. Hahn has worked at St. Charles High for over 14 years . Now after those 14 years have passed, he is deciding to retire this year.
“I’m at that age where I can retire. It’s mostly driven because I have my own kids that I have to take care of even though one is in college and the other is in high school, I also want to watch my son play his sports and cheer him on,” Hahn said.
With Hahn retiring from being an Activities Director a lot of the staff are going to miss him especially, Counselor and Coach Brad Bichel.
“As a coach, I will be sad to see him go because he has always been supportive and someone I can trust to provide good, sound advice,” Bichel said.
But on the bright side, he is pretty happy that he is retiring because he finally gets more free time for other things . “ I am happy for Mr. Hahn that he is retiring and gets to spend more time with his family,” Bichel said.
It is his hope that, as he leaves, he will evoke long-lasting memories in the minds of the students and teachers.“ I tried to do my best to create a culture where they can remember the memories they have created here,” Hahn said.
He also introduced so many new extracurricular activities for the school like the esports teams and also girls tennis, so that students could become involved and be part of the school’s community.