Scoreboard Upgrade

Baseball team is getting a new scoreboard at Blanchette Park


by Elias Newberry, Staff Writer


Since the old scoreboard barely works, it was decided in time that the baseball field at Blanchette Park needed a new scoreboard that’s functional and ready to use at practices and games. 

“We met with the Parks Department about making field improvements… that was something that we could financially afford to improve,” said Head Varsity Baseball Coach Brad Bichel.

Turns out the school had enough money to buy a new scoreboard to replace the older one, at least for the time being. Scoreboards aren’t cheap from the way it looks.

“The score board probably cost around $6,000. Each program bought their own control box so everyone is responsible for their own controller basically for it. Ourselves and Legion split the cost in half,” said Bichel.

The new scoreboard basically has no benefits over the old one except the fact that it’s going to just be easier to use.

“The old one really didn’t work, we had access to it, but it was outdated. It was probably 20+ years old, it hardly worked, most of the light bulbs were out, and it was inconsistent,” said Bichel.

It is going to be awhile before the scoreboard actually goes up and ready to use. Turns out the scoreboard takes a lot of time to put up.

“It’s going to take 8-10 weeks, so we ordered it about six weeks ago… I’ll be lucky if it’s installed this season, that’s the reality, we might not have it this season,” said Bichel.

At baseball practice, most of the kids don’t even know if the scoreboard works or not. Most of the time they don’t even use the scoreboard as is.
“I feel like it needs a new scoreboard because the scoreboard that’s there, I don’t even know if it works, it just kind of has been sitting there since I’ve been there…’ said junior Caleb Mertz.

Overall, SCHS and Legion are teaming up to pay for the new scoreboard and other expenses. The new scoreboard should be up close to the end of baseball season or it could be afterwards.