Tournament Time!

The varsity girls basketball team went t Lebanon Missouri for a tournament.

by Elias Newberry, Staff Writer

Through Jan. 27-29, the varsity girls basketball team had a tournament in Lebanon, Missouri. Lebanon is a small city close to Springfield, Missouri. They went up against three different schools during those three days there. Although the team didn’t come back with a win, the girls still had a great time. It was a good moment to connect with their teammates on a deeper level apart from the court. For most of the girls, the basketball game wasn’t their favorite part of the trip.

“Hanging out with the girls, being in the hotel, and having dinner on our second night there,” said sophomore Addison Nemens.

Most of the girls enjoyed just hanging out and playing games in the hotel rooms. Coach Ben Owens favorite part was the girls having the time to connect more.

“The team bonding, all the girls got to hang out together and the coaches. We got to eat some good food, watch plays, and watch a lot of good basketball,” said basketball coach Ben Owens.

The school had to raise money for the trip by doing some fundraisers. Although they didn’t have to raise much.

“The tournament pays for the hotel if you come from more than two hours away, which we are. We had to pay for the meal. We have parents that drive down so we don’t have to pay for a bus driver…” said Owens.

Overall, the tournament went well for the girls as far as team bonding goes. They went out and did their best and that’s all that matters, everything else will come later.