Play the Music

SCHS’ students reveal what music means to them

by Annie Hanks, Content Manager

Unlike the generations before, teenagers today seem to be so connected to music. This may be due to the fact that they can listen anytime, anywhere through apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. Students at SCHS are no different.

“[Music plays] A major part. I listen to music almost 24/7 and it always brings me joy to listen to what I like,” wrote freshman Felix Fernandez. “18 hours of music, 6 hours of sleep.”

Some people need music to help them chill.

“It can help me relax or just be very enjoying to listen to,” wrote freshman Diane Wright.

Some people have a specific genre they prefer, while others will listen to just about anything.

“I’ll listen to anything, I just have to be in that mood for the genre that day,” wrote junior Isabella Lippincott.

Music is very relaxing to many students and even helps with inspiration.

“[Music] It’s chill and gives me motivation,” wrote freshman Mikalin Slayton.

Many students find music enjoyable and helpful as they go through their day to day.

“Music is very important to me, it helps me get through daily life, plus it’s just satisfying and entertaining,” wrote freshman Carson Kuhn.

Students not only listen to music daily, but some of them play it.

“Music is one of the biggest things in my life. I listen to music every chance I get, but I also play music as well and I love it,” wrote junior Gavin Goggin.

Music is one of the biggest things in my life. I listen to music every chance I get, but I also play music as well and I love it.

— Gavin Goggin

Some students make music not only by means of an instrument but by means of technology.

“One of my hobbies is recreating songs I like in an 8-bit style in FL studio. I also like playing a game called Geometry Dash, which lets you make your own levels using songs from Newgrounds,” wrote freshman Luka Williams.

Music even helps students with unease and stress they may experience.

“It helps me get through bad times and it helps me when I’m super anxious or worried.  Overall it helps me get to a happier state,” wrote sophomore Mark Schaub.

Other students find it very helpful for school and work, helping with concentration.

“It helps me throughout my day whether that be driving or doing school work. It’s also the basis of my favorite class Jazz Band. It is also a big part of Marching Band which I love,” wrote Junior Caleb Mertz.

Students even listen to music whenever they are free to do so.

“I listen to music whenever I get the chance,” wrote sophomore Chase Kluesner.

Music seems to be very beneficial for many students.

“Music plays a very helpful part in my life. I wouldn’t say important but just helpful. It’s very therapeutic for me. I do have other impromptu forms of “therapy” but music is my go to. If I’m feeling angry, sad, disappointed, or really anything negative, music near immediately makes me feel better. And it keeps me entertained,” wrote freshman Isaiah McRoberts. “[I spend] Probably about 5-12 hours just vibing to the tunes. I remember a few times going a full 24 hours listening to music. I think 2 or 3 times.”

Music also helps students with their energy levels, refreshing them after a tiring day.

“Music helps me fill a void of silence when I am doing nothing and it helps me just jam out and feel alive after being tired all day,” wrote freshman Kiefer Utley. “If I’m not talking to someone or playing video games, then I’m listening to music.”

Students at SCHS enjoy music in a much larger way than people might expect.

“Everybody needs a soundtrack to their day,” wrote junior Allison Browning.