The Time of the Year is Here

SCHS decorates their classroom doors in celebration of the holidays

by Colton Schroer, Broadcast Liaison

As Christmas is upon us and people start putting up their decorations, SCHS is taking part in the tradition and decorating their classroom doors and hallways. Every hallway of classrooms has a theme and the teachers and students are working together to get it set up.

“I like to decorate the hallway because it allows the AIP students and ourselves to get into the holiday spirit. It’s also a fun activity to work together with the department to come up with a theme as a group,” Teacher Jacob Holtgraewe said.

For several years now, SCHS has made it their tradition to decorate the hallways of the school to be festive for the holidays.

“The Winter Wonderland department door decorating competition was created by the National Honor Society five years ago, to bring joy to our building during this holiday season. The idea is for students to take time with their AIPs and enjoy creating something fun & whimsical. As time has passed we have adapted it to individuals not just departments,” Tammy Orrick said.

Between many departments, there is nothing more competitive than the history department hallway and the counselor’s office decorations. They go above and beyond to make everything look as festive and creative as possible.

“The history department and our department have always been rivals. They always do such an amazing job decorating and coming up with some amazing themes. I truly do love seeing everyone and every department’s decorations, even if we don’t win, we had such a great time making all of the decorations and putting this all together,” Sharon Stewart said.

Every year has been different and enjoyable. The kids and teachers love to be involved and also be a part of a school tradition that just keeps on getting better.