Pirate Wrestling Takes Charge

The wrestling team has high hopes for this incoming wrestling season


Fernanda Valladeres-Pina

Victory at wrestling match on Nov. 30, 2021

by Waverly Boock, Copy Editor

The wrestlers at SCHS have had amazing past seasons so far, and this year is no exception. The team is full of amazing hard working athletes (boys and girls alike), and they all hope to achieve many goals this year. The girls team is working for another trophy, and the boys hope to get as many people to State as possible.

“Some of them have goals for [winning medals], but obviously our goal for the team this year is to have every one of these guys qualify for State,” wrestling coach Kevin Dill said.    

Despite the amount of new wrestlers on both teams, there has been great improvement in the program. Even just after a week,  coaches see many improvements in almost every wrestler; however, this isn’t completely unexpected.   

I think all of our kids have shown great improvement over time.

— Kevin Dill

“I think all of our kids have shown great improvement over time,” Dill said.      

Wrestling in general is a sport about discipline and concentration. The team takes focus and commitment to succeed and do well in the sport. 

“We’re surprised at how well our team responded to us,” Dill said, “we’ve been very surprised that our team overall is working really hard and they listen, stay disciplined and focused.”