Marquis Gracial Is the GAC Player of the Year


by Taylor Kinner, Staff Writer

Senior Marquis Gracial, won the GAC Football Player of the Year award. He started off his freshman year of football needing improvements in his grades and attitude, so he didn’t believe he was capable of success.

“I never thought I would get the award,” Defensive Linemen Marquis Gracial said.

Gracial has not always been the great player he is today. Starting off a little rough, he made his way though. Having Head Varsity Coach Bob Leonard by his side helped him out a lot. He has given him the discipline and encouragement he needs. Gracial played all four years of high school, and Leonard has watched him grow into the person he is now.

“It has been a lot of fun watching him develop and improve,” Coach Leonard said.

Other coaches thinking I am good enough to win a ward is truly a great honor, it really is a tremendous honor.

— Marquis Gracial

With all the hard work and dedication Gracial has put in, at least 30 schools across the country have offered him a full-ride scholarship. He has worked the hardest to make this happen for him, and his success. 

“Do not put unrealistic expectations on yourself starting as a freshman next year,” Coach Leonard said. 

For all the coaching staff in the Conference to pick Gracial as the GAC player was a gift given to him. He knows that coaches are watching him all the time, but he didn’t know that they would vote for him. It was something new for him. He didn’t think coaches would recognize him the way they did.

“Other coaches thinking I am good enough to win a ward is truly a great honor, it really is a tremendous honor,” Gracial said.

Gracial will be starting at Mizzou next year. Seeing all the work and effort Gracial has put into this football career, Leonard is looking forward to watching him succeed more in the future.

“He has worked extremely hard to be the great player he is,” Coach Leonard said.