BSU Fundraisers

Pie in the Face and Movie Night are Fundraised By BSU


Angelica Garcia-Chanocua

Ms. Laley covered in pie gave a thumbs up.

by Taylor Kinner, Staff Writer

BSU (Black Student Union) is a new group to SCHS. Being a new group comes with fundraising. The BSU has started their two first fundraisers.

“ I am very excited for what is to come,” President Te’Ilah Coffman said.

 Their goal for the first fundraiser is to raise $100. That might be low to a lot of people, but this is their first time fundraising, so they didn’t set the bar too high. 

“The first fundraiser is to get a feel of how the school would respond to it,” Vice President Mariyonna Smith said.

The first fundraiser was the Pie and the Face. Four teachers/administrators and two special guests  would get pie in the face. To get the four teachers/administrators, students had a google form out to select them. Then one teacher and one administrator were up against each other. It was important to have the students involved in the fundraiser, and not just BSU members. Students who gave $1 could choose the teacher/administrator of the person’s choice. Students who donated $2 or more would get to pick the teacher/administrator they chose and enter in a raffle to be the one to pie them. The teacher/administrator with the most money would be the one to be pie in the face. The winner of the raffel and teachers/administrators was announced at AIP and the pieing took place at the assembly of the Turkey Tip Off.  

“It was very messy, but really fun,” BSU member Ashira Ransom said. 

It is frustrating, sometimes, because we were still trying to get a feel of what people would respond to.

— Mariyonna

They did achieve their goal, but it was challenging for them. Some lunches wouldn’t make anything and some lunches would do really well. It was difficult and different because this is their first fundraiser. 

It is frustrating, sometimes, because we were still trying to get a feel of what people would respond to[/pullquote],” Mariyonna said.

BSU has another fundraiser coming up during finals week, Movie Night. If a person has an A in a class, they can be exempted from the final in their class, if no discipline needs to be served. The movie night is where students pay $3 to watch a movie during that final for that class. If a person doesn’t have finals for the day they can spend $6 to watch movies all day.  Drinks and snacks will be there as well. This gives the student time to raise their grades, so they can participate in the fundraiser. The student will be given a ticket and a list will be made, so BSU members know who paid to get in. An email will also be sent to teachers who can come down and watch the movie. The movies will be about an hour and four minutes long. This gives the person time to gather their things and gives the staff members time to change and be prepared for the next group. 

“I feel that this fundraiser is going to be good to raise money and help academically,” Treasurer Maryiah Smith said.

These fundraisers will hopefully put the BSU group in a good position, so they can afford to take trips, order shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. They have recently had contact with other BSUs to be successful with fundraising and the overall group.

“ I am very excited to see how things play out,” Ransom said.