Movie review: Halloween Kills

“Hallloween kills” continues the Franchise after the very successful reboot sequel movie from 2018


by Cesar Cervantes, Social Media Manager

Michael Myers (aka The Shape) in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green (Ryan Green/Universal Pictures)

On Oct.15,2021 director David Gordon Green finally released the long awaited sequel to the movie “Halloween (2018).” Supposedly the movie was originally going to come out in 2020 but after delays and COVID-19 hitting the states, that caused the movie to be delayed even further to its current date in 2021

The movie centers around the events after the previous movie. After being stabbed and left to die by Dr. Ranbir Sartain, Deputy Frank Hawkins is found by Cameron Elam, who tends to his wounds. Hawkins awakens and remembers the events of 40 years earlier during the search for Michael Myers following his escape after being shot. Hawkins accidentally kills his partner trying to save him from Michael in the Myers house before preventing Michael’s original psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis from killing his parents outside, resolving to kill him in the present.

“Halloween Kills” gives a decent conclusion to the original series and will now be entering the new era of Halloween movies with the next upcoming film “Halloween Ends,” coming out around October of 2022. Overall, I found the movie to be pretty decent. There were so many aspects of the movie that were good and better than the previous film. However, there were also numerous downsides to the film. During one scene, they implied that Michael Myers was a supernatural being and immortal, and that should stay with the Friday franchise, not Michael Myers. As for the storyline, I liked it, but the plot was not outstanding. There were times where it felt that the movie was getting dragged on and there were some times where it was really fast, and yes I know this movie has to come out before we get the final movie which is “Halloween Ends.” But overall I felt like this movie was unnecessary for the main timeline for the franchise because with the other upcoming movie “Halloween Ends,” it will take place a couple of years later after what happened with “Halloween Kills”. Nevertheless, I felt the movie should have been skipped.

Despite that, there were several things I enjoyed, including the kills. The kills were so brutal and intense, there were way more kills in this movie compared to the previous movies on screen and it was great. I’m not going to go more in depth with the kills, that job goes to James A Janisse (Dead Meat) . Aside from the kills, all of the cast who were playing their characters were amazing. They brought the characters to life. There was neither an out of place character nor one that was played poorly. We got celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis to play her prize role as Laurie Strode from the original “Halloween (1978)”! There are other actors that did amazing like James Jude Courtney as Michael Myers, Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy Doyle. Overall, “Halloween Kills” was a decent film.