Senior Volleyball Team

Varsity Volleyball relies on Veteran Players

Senior Kyler Klimas spikes on opponents team.

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Senior Kyler Klimas spikes on opponent’s team.

by Taylor Kinner, Staff Writer

At St Charles High School, Varsity volleyball has a lot of seniors. The team’s seniors are Livi Lewis, Kyler Klimas, Addy Lassanske, Lily Blackwood, Liz Beisner, Paige Mauldin and Emma Day.  The Varsity team comes with a lot of memories and leadership. 

“I have to stay positive because, if I am down then everyone else’s attitude is down,” said Emma Day.  

Seniors have a lot of responsibilities for the team and have to set good examples for the younger girls. It is their responsibility to show and direct the right way of how to handle anything.

“Responsibility of how our program should grow and what the younger girls look up to,” said Kyler Klimas.

Four years on the volleyball team comes with a lot of memories and friendships.They are changing into adults. They have seen each other up and down and  the little crazy memories of each other.

Every single girl on this team has made strides in the physical volleyball game, but also in their mental game.”

— Varsity Assistant Coach Jordyn Grandolfo

“When Jordan tried to fix her car with nail glue,” said Day.

Somedays these girls don’t feel like working, or have a lot on their minds. This doesn’t stop them. The seniors come in hard and ready to work. 

“Every single girl on this team has made strides in the physical volleyball game, but also in their mental game,” said Varsity Assistant Coach Jordyn Grandolfo. 

To make the team succeed, they have to work together. There can’t be any drama or disliking another. The seniors have treated each like family to succeed. They want to see it continue long after they graduate.

“If you guys don’t have the same friends and you guys are very different, try to become one on the team, it’s different on the court,” said Klimas.

Everyone has learned from each other. Learned-behavior, courage, and determination. The seniors have taught the coaches as well. The coaches learned the players strengths, weaknesses, and attitudes. 

“These girls have taught me that there is so much more fun to be in th sport knowing you have a support system behind you,” said Grandolfo.