Thanking our Leaders

SCHS students take the time to recognize role models in our school community

by Livi Lewis, Staff Writer


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  • Freeman helping a student with work in his classroom

  • Simmons teaching Marketing to her students

  • Saubers helping a student with an assignment

  • Gilmore teaching on the board to her English class

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Not many students enjoy school and find it a daily struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Even though learning isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, teachers and staff play a huge part in making these environments a better and safer place for students to learn. St. Charles High students have come together to recognize a few teachers that make their days easier and more enjoyable. These students wanted to reach out to these staff members and let them know how much they appreciate them and their hearts. Yamamah Ali, senior, has chosen Mike Freeman to give thanks for his support inside and outside of school.

Yamamah Ali, senior at SCHS (Livi Lewis)

“Last year when I had Personal Finance with him, it was a really bad time for me mentally. He noticed it and asked if I needed anything. He still was there and supported me even if he didn’t do much, I just knew he was there for comfort. This year, now I am better and he told me, ‘you look so much happier, I’m proud of you.’ It was really nice to hear,” Ali said.

Freeman will forever be a person that helped Ali. Macy Jones, junior at High, enjoys her Galley class with Judy Simmons. She finds Simmons’ class enjoyable, and Jones states that Simmons is “always really sweet and kind, and just helpful.”

Macy Jones, junior at SCHS (Livi Lewis)

“I always look forward to hanging out with her and going to her class and stuff, she is always fun. We make jokes, it just helps to have someone upbeat to have fun with at school because sometimes school is really hard,” Jones said.

Jones appreciates Simmons because of her dedication to her students; she makes class fun, and lets the students interact with each other. Sophomore Addi Nemens took no time to choose the teacher she appreciates, Nick Saubers fell out of her mouth with no hesitation.

Addi Nemens, sophomore at SCHS (Livi Lewis)

“He is always a helping hand and the teacher you go to to talk about anything. You just feel comfortable around him,” Nemens said.

Nemens also talked about how he has “a good heart,” and loves how exciting Saubers’ teaching style is. Freshman Cossette Gustafson chose her AIP teacher, Kayla Gilmore. Gustafson looks up to Gilmore’s enthusiasm, and the way she makes her students feel important.

Cossette Gustafson, freshman at SCHS (Livi Lewis)

“She’s just very welcoming. When you walk in, you get that vibe from her that she’s gonna be there for you if you need it, or if you’re having a bad day, she will make it her goal to make your day a little bit better. She just overall cares about you as a person,” Gustafson said.

She just overall cares about you as a person.

— Cossette Gustafson

 The teachers at St. Charles High make it their mission to not only teach you the basics of education, but also how to treat one another and prepare for the rest of your life.