Pirates Hit Home Run with New JV Softball Coach

Counselor Brad Bichel takes on a new role


Mackenzie Bufford

Brad Bichel is the new JV softball coach.

Counselor Brad Bichel became the new JV coach for the softball program. After observing the softball program for a few years, Bichel decided that he wanted to step into the shoes of leading the JV team.

“I really wanted to coach and be a part of this program, because it seems like it’s been a great program for years now and I wanted to be a part of it,” said Bichel.

Having a family is also a big reason as to why Bichel decided to coach JV softball. He has two young kids and softball having a shorter season was a big impact on the decision to coach the team.

“I’ve coached football here for 11 years, I have a young family now,” said Bichel. ”The season is shorter so it’s a little bit easier on the time commitment standpoint as far as how much time I’m spending away from my family.”

Oneness is a big part of the softball program. Oneness is the idea that the team sticks together no matter what, no matter the teammate because in order to win the game the team has to play together.

The girls are great, they listen, they want to be coached, they are respectful.

— Brad Bichel

“I’ve observed Coach Jones and Coach Holtgraewe from afar the past couple of years and they’ve talked a lot about oneness and that positive culture that the softball team seems to have and I just felt that I wanted to be a part of that.” 

During the baseball season, Bichel is also the head coach. He felt that, with what he knows in baseball, he could incorporate that into the softball program and make the team even more successful than it already is.

“With my baseball background I felt like I could share a lot of things on the softball field,” said Bichel.

Bichel has a lot of faith in what the softball program can do and what they can become. He has enjoyed every aspect of being a part of the program.

“What I’ve enjoyed the most is being around the players and the staff every single day. The girls are great, they listen, they want to be coached, they are respectful.”