The Magic of the STL Renaissance Faire

The St. Louis Renaissance Faire allows patrons to experience fantastical shows and shops from another era


Dean Chapman

The STL Renaissance Festival sign greets each patron at the entrance of Rotary Park in Wentzville, Missouri.

by Dean Chapman, Design Editor

Despite being open, rain or shine since 1999 through the fall months, The St. Louis Renaissance Faire is a diamond in the rough. Running Sept. 18 – Oct. 24 and located at Rotary Park in Wentzville, Missouri, the Renaissance Faire is the perfect setting to experience events like fire-bending and jousting, to musicians and aerial silks. 

The Dancing Bear Tribe was just one of the many acts performing around the faire, featuring a ragtag group of fire flow artists who showcased their talents of breathing, spinning, and fanning flames to amaze their audience. John, one of the members of the Dancing Bear Tribe, spoke highly of the different performances at the faire. 

“There are numerous wonderful acts that have been curated and cultivated over the years that really draw people together for a variety of reasons,” John said.

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  • Pyro breathes fire to amaze the crowd at the STL Renaissance Faire.

  • Beran showcases a Eurasian Eagle-Owl at the Wildlife Command Center’s Petting Zoo in Rotary Park.

  • A Dancing Bear Tribe performer twirls his baton at the STL Renaissance Faire.

  • The Dancing Bear Siren entices the crowd at the STL Renaissance Faire with her fiery crown.

  • John begs his captain, Pyro, to be let out of the dungeon on the Joan of Arc Stage.

  • King Francis enjoys his mead at the STL Renaissance Faire.

  • The Dancing Bear Tribe siren waves her fire fans on the Joan of Arc Stage.

  • Mermaid Cove residents pose for the camera at the STL Renaissance Faire.

  • John amazes onlookers with his pyro-bending skills at the STL Renaissance Faire.

  • This Renaissance Faire performer strums her heart out on stage.

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Patrons praised the St. Louis Renaissance Faire for its multifaceted nature. Elizabeth, a recurring patron of the Renaissance Faire, couldn’t pin her favorite aspect of the event, and reiterated how anyone could find their niche. “… Definitely the clothing shops, always love the joust… It’s all there, if you want jewelry, you can get jewelery. If you want armor, you can get armor.”

Not only are there a plethora of shops with an array of clothing, but people come to the faire already dawned in their medieval garb. Elizabeth also endorsed dressing up to the fullest extent. 

“Don’t be afraid to have fun, go for it! If you wanna get dressed up, get dressed up. Don’t like- be scared, everybody is wearing something crazy. It’s a good time,” said Elizabeth.

Though getting dressed up does take some careful consideration, despite September and October typically being known for cooler temperatures, there is always a possibility of hot weather. Michael, who runs the petting zoo rescue and falconry station within the Renaissance Faire, gave insight to balancing such an act. 

“Don’t get too elaborate with your dress. Be casual, and calm, and cool, because it is rather warm, and drink lots of water,” Michael said. 

The Saint Louis Renaissance Faire gives the opportunity to be a different person at a different time, and support amazing local performers and craftsmen. It is important to know going into the Renaissance Faire that the community is built on love and appreciation, no matter what kind of experience you would like to have.  

John, from the Dancing Bear Tribe, put it best: “Never be afraid to be you. Always be you no matter what that means, and you will find a place in the Ren Faire.” 

Never be afraid to be you. Always be you no matter what that means, and you will find a place in the Ren Faire.

— John, from the Dancing Bear tribe

The STL Renaissance Faire gives a warm goodbye to their patrons. (Dean Chapman)