One Step Closer for Better Results

Principal Jeff Walker on how this year could be better than the rest


Colton Schroer

Principal Jeff Walker ready for another year of success

Being the principal of a high school is hard enough, but that’s what Principal Jeff Walker is used to. However from 2019-2021, COVID took over and mixed everyone up.

“I’m not gonna lie, the first day of school threw me for a loop. I was not ready for 800 students to be in the hallway,” Walker said.

Working from home, it was hard for kids to stay motivated and get their work done. It would affected the grades of these students drastically. 

“One thing we’ve learned is that it’s hard to learn virtually at home,” Walker said.

St. Charles High School had very little COVID spread ever since the masks came into effect. A lot of the kids that were sent home never got sick because they were wearing their mask properly and it helped save them from a worse case scenario. 

We see a lot more of me me me me me and not us us us us us.

— Jeff Walker

“As much as I hate these stupid things and as much as I don’t wanna wear these stupid things, we watched it work,” Walker said.

Walker feels the community as a whole started to live apart after this disease and opinions about if we should wear or not wear masks have contributed to that.

“I struggle watching society as we are so divided and we were so polar opposites, what happened to us talking to each other,” Walker said. 

Instead of helping other people, Walker thinks there’s been a ton of worrying about ourselves and selfishness is kicking in. 

“We see a lot more of me me me me me and not us us us us us,” Walker said.