At the Corner of Academics and Club Activities

Senior Lydia Holterman shares her thoughts on the start of the school year while participating in seven clubs


Dean Chapman

Senior Lydia Holterman comes prepared for the school day, and does it in style!

by Dean Chapman, Design Editor

It’s a common sight to see students at St. Charles High participate in one or two clubs, but senior Lydia Holterman takes the cake on just how many activities one can take part in. Holterman is in the National Honor Society, FCCLA and French Club. She is the social media manager of Key Club, president of Pirate Players, International Thespian Society and StuCo. On top of it all, Holterman is the varsity Cheer co-captain. 

Being such a cornerstone in all different areas of SCHS life, things were picking up very quickly.

Holterman struggled in the beginning of the year because of the full five day week, “The first week was so overwhelming cause like- we don’t normally do the full first week we normally do Thursday, Friday, and get used to it from there.”

With lots of school activities underway, Holterman decided to expand on her experience specifically with StuCo. Homecoming season is just around the corner, and it was apparent that lots of brainstorming had already taken place. Holterman expressed how interesting it has been to be at the helm of the project. 

“I only started doing StuCo my sophomore year, and I was in the club, not really on the board, so I had a more outside perspective of it. And then nothing happened with Homecoming last year,” Holterman said.

Holterman explained that now with so many new StuCo members, she has to teach them the ropes on how to plan a Homecoming, while also teaching herself, since all she had to do in past years was create a theme and spirit week for the school. Holterman mentioned Mrs. Reichert, the new English teacher and new StuCo sponsor, as a major contributor to starting the year off right.

“Mrs. Reichert is a really big help, she is so organized! She already has so many ideas, and she is already doing so much behind the scenes that we don’t even see,” Holterman happily said.

The jumpstart to the 2021-2022 school year left Holterman, like many others, scrambling to get back into an academic mindset. 

It’s fun to plan it all out, to make it happen.

— Lydia Holterman

However, Holterman kept a positive attitude about it all, stating, “It’s fun to plan it all out, to make it happen.”