Senior Successes

June 3 is Senior Awards Night where exceptional seniors will be awarded in several categories, as well as receive cords if qualified

by Eva Rogers, Layout Editor

Guidance Secretary, Sharon Stewart, helps organize the Senior Awards Night held every year a few days before graduation. Luckily, SCHS will be able to hold the ceremony this year on June 3 at 6:30 p.m. Students who will be receiving an award(s) will start getting their invitations this week. 

“Fortunately, we won’t need to have a limit on guests at this ceremony,” said Stewart. Seniors will be able to bring whoever they want to celebrate their achievements at this ceremony. The ceremony is divided into different categories of awards.

First, the community awards and scholarships will be presented by outside organizations such as SCHS Boosters and We Love St. Charles. Next, SCHS will present their own awards and scholarships from the departments and clubs. Examples of these awards include Outstanding Art Student, Outstanding Industrial Technology Student, and Choir Boosters Scholarship. There will also be athletic awards and scholarships such as Female and Male Athlete and the Post Dispatch Scholar Athlete. Finally there will be the group awards and recognitions which will consist of the George Washington Carver Award for the top 10 percent of graduating class and Perfect Attendance, as well as the Cum Laude Cords among a few other awards.

The Department Head of Science, Rodney Orrick, talked about what they look for in their science award recipients.

It’s not just about grades, but the passion for science. Do they ask questions, participate, go beyond what is required?”

— Rodney Orrick

Orrick said. He said it’s hard to choose only a few students, but as a department, they discuss which students they think should receive these awards. As they narrow down the list, it comes down to which student will take their passion for science into the future and possibly go into a science career.

Leslie Teague is the Department Head of English and gives out the Creative Writing Award and the Technical Writing Award. They go through a similar process as the science department does. They work together to create a list of possible participants, then discuss students in their department meeting to make the difficult decision.

“Our Creative Writing Award recipients have demonstrated a talent for and love of writing in any sort of creative format, whether it’s poetry, short stories, or narrative writing,” said Teague. The Technical Writing Award goes to students who have demonstrated skills in terms of essay writing.

SCHS sponsors and teachers look forward to recognizing exceptional seniors who have worked hard all four years.