District Art Show

The District Art Show this year mainly featured our AP students with the exception of a few sculpture and photography students

Artwork by Rosario Murillo

by Eva Rogers, Layout Editor

The district art show is the time for art teachers (K-12) around the district to choose exceptional artists to exhibit their art at the Foundry Art Centre. Art teacher, Abby Birhanu decided to give her AP students the chance to show some of their artworks this year since they haven’t gotten many art shows due to COVID.

Junior Cooper Herweck is a second year AP Art student working on a drawing portfolio. 

“I really liked the piece I chose because it incorporates two of my hobbies, art and playing the piano,” said Herweck.

Another talented AP Art student, Alaina Gerdemann, is a senior this year and it’s her first year in AP Art. Most of her portfolio is digital artwork.

“I chose this piece of art because I enjoyed the process of making it, and feel like it shows my technical skills well,” said Gerdemann about her piece she submitted for the art show.

First year AP Art student, Olivia Schiffer, is a junior here and is working on a drawing portfolio. 

“I chose the piece I did because I feel as though it’s one of my strongest pieces this year,” Schiffer said about her artwork featured in the show.


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