Locker Use

The students use of lockers at St. Charles High School

by Cadence Halliday, Staff Writer

St. Charles High School has lockers like every other high school, but does that mean every student uses them? No. It’s become common that students don’t use their lockers anymore. Students are getting tired of how hard they are to open, and how time consuming they can be. Some students end up being late to class if they do use their lockers. 

“My opinion on lockers is they are time consuming and unnecessary. Your class could be the opposite direction, if it could cause you to be late to class just to grab your things when you can just carry them the whole day, that’s why I don’t use mine,” sophomore Salma Hamed said.

Lockers can be useful for little things though. Caleb Elliot likes to use his locker to store his coat during the day. After the last class he’ll grab it therefore he doesn’t have to carry it around all day.

“I don’t use my locker because I don’t need it. I have a backpack to store my school stuff,” sophomore Lexi Butler said. 

While some people don’t use their lockers because they find it less convenient, others do because it’s more convenient than dragging around your stuff all day.

“I use my locker to store my snacks and money. No one can get into your locker without your combination, so it’s safe,” Elliot said.

Every student is different. Some students find it easier to use a locker while others find it harder. Yes lockers are tricky, especially if the lock on it is old and hard to turn. Most lockers are that way and that’s one of the main reasons students don’t use them. But the other reason is because it is out of the way.

“I don’t use my locker because I find it more convenient to just use my backpack and carry all my stuff in there. I think lockers can be useful to store your things in but then again you have a backpack or even your hands to carry your things. I use my backpack to carry my supplies,” Hamed said.

Not every student has a lot of supplies to need to use a locker or backpack. Even though that is rare it does happen.

“I don’t use my locker because I have no use for it,” Butler said.

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