Covid-19 & Winter Sports

How the Pandemic Affected the Winter Sport Season


Maya Nieters

Magnus Kloepper going in for the shot.

by Hamda Hamed, Staff Writer

Sports seasons and practices keep on cancelling due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of our athletes here are experiencing a sense of loss and resentment. Especially our seniors. 

Sports like wrestling and basketball have been affected a lot. Which includes on-court differences. “There’s not that much of a difference when you’re actually playing. Just have to make sure your mask is on when on the bench,” senior varsity basketball player, Magnus Kloepper said.

“There has been multiple changes on the mat. We try to wear our masks as much as we can during practices, and in some cases during tournaments, you must wear your mask during matches,” Wrestler Livy Schiffer said. 

So far, the varsity girls basketball team have only played two games this season due to the players being quarantined multiple times. “I’ve personally been quarantined twice and we all have missed five games,” said varsity player, Ashantee Starks. 

Some school across the country have already cancelled all sports this season due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. Schiffer thinks that the wrestling team won’t make it to State this season.

“It’s unfortunate to not have the Friday four-banger crowd energy anymore.

— Ashantee Starks

”We’re all hoping that we could make it that far, but many people on our team have been quarantined and we had to cancel one of our tri meets already,” she said.

It’s especially hard on our seniors this year.“The biggest loss is not being able to have a crowd on senior night. It’s really upsetting,” Starks said.

The varsity boys basketball team were heartbroken when they found out they had to quarantine on the day of one of the most important games in the season,The Turkey Tipoff. 

“The atmosphere is gone and with basically no senior season and Turkey Tip Off, it just doesn’t feel the same,” Kloepper said.