“Hubie Halloween”: More Dad jokes, Less Scares

In the newest Happy Madison Production, Adam Sandler plays a typical underdog character who has a chance to save Halloween and the people that hate him the most

by Alija Ernst, Content Manager

After all the years of Adam Sandler doing movies that were either hits or flops, Hubie Halloween however seems to be in a weird grey zone for Sandler. In this light-hearted movie,  Sandler seemed to have called every famous person that has ever been in any movie of his and decided to give them all roles in this 1 hour and 42 minute movie. This movie however seems different from all the other Sandler movies made, this movie gave people stuck inside their house some enjoyment and good dad jokes that would make your father chuckle a little and others cringe. Furthermore, Sandler’s character screams and yells a lot in a  short span of the movie.

In Hubie Halloween, Sandler plays the main character, Hubie Dubois, who loves Halloween, talking about safety and helping people, and who has always been picked on  for being easily scared by everyone in the town besides Violet Valentine and his own mother. Then, suddenly all the people that have ever bullied Hubie suddenly start to go missing on  Halloween night. However, when Hubie goes to the police, they tell him that it is another prank someone was pulling on him. Therefore, this causes Hubie to become the hero as he tries to find all the missing people before it is too late for them. 

I noticed how all the characters reminded me of some movies that  Sandler starred in called the Water Boy and Billy Madison. Obviously, Sandler is known for his great acting abilities when it comes to playing dim witted characters with a backstory to go along with it. However, it wasn’t just Sandler that was similar to his other roles, it was also the other famous actor Sandler brought on board that was similar to other characters that were in the Water Boy and Billy Madison. As the movie continued,  some of the jokes that were in the film seemed to feel recycled; as if they were trying to plagiarize all the other Happy Madison films and trying to pass this movie as an original idea. Don’t get me wrong, this movie definitely made my day just by the corny jokes and gags that were said as well as the feeling of normality in a world ever changing and ever darker. However, this movie reminds me of something my stepdad would suggest to watch on Halloween night while making homemade popcorn and putting just salt and pepper on the popcorn because he thinks it is too spicy with other  ingredients added. 

In conclusion, this movie was very interesting for Adam Sandler to star in, not only because it was so similar to his other older movies,  but also because this movie was a weird collection of recycled jokes and famous people saying weird things just to get a cameo in the movie. I believe that this movie is the perfect fit for someone that wants to watch a movie with people of all ages and for teenagers who want to watch Adam Sandler flip over a car and get scared all the time. However, I do not recommend this movie to people who wanted a new Sandler movie, this will make your Halloween more sucky than spooky.