Restrictions Loosened for Homecoming

Students witness football game win by St. Charles High


Cadence Halliday

Students sitting on the end zone by score board.

by Cadence Halliday, Staff Writer

Students got to attend a chilly night for a football game at St. Charles High School on Oct. 2 at 7 pm. School staff had set up a vouchers limit for students who wanted to go to the game. People who wanted to come to the football game had to sit on the track and make sure there was 6 feet between each person.

Winfield’s first touchdown (Cadence Halliday)

“It was different watching it from the end zone and from that different angle,” senior Clair Mosher said. “I enjoyed It just because when we would score, we would be right next to the players.”

During the game St. Charles High’s football team started off amazing, destroying Winfield the first two quarters. But that wasn’t the end, Winfield High School’s football team made a comeback in the third and fourth quarters. In the end the Pirates finished off strong. The score by the end of the night was 28-21.

“I knew we would win because we were on the 40 yard line towards the end,” sophomore Kofi Mboh said.

During halftime the Queen and King of homecoming were crowned in the middle of the football field: Queen Ashantee Starks and King Eloy Leong-Martinez.

“I kind of knew I was going to win because I told everyone to vote for me,” Starks said.

During the football game the people on the side lines were yelling out for their team, and making sure the other team knew that. Everyone who had a voucher brought chairs and blankets. The blankets were a good idea because it got down to a low of 35 degrees that night. The nominees for homecoming queen were in dresses, freezing. 

Mostly everyone was sitting right in the middle of the track by one end zone, and didn’t seem concerned about maintaining a social distance. Some people did however, and chose to sit more towards the sides. Some people stayed outside the fence and watched from there.

Ready to go! (Cadence Halliday)