Substitute Change

Started off as a sub and made her way to the top

by Cadence Halliday, Staff Writer

Grace Tovar is a new teacher at St Charles High School. This is her first year of teaching, before this she was a long term substitute for a year. She is a FACS and Housing/Interior Design teacher.

“My favorite thing to cook. That’s hard, but I like cooking gooey butter cake,” Tovar said.

Tovar recently graduated from Missouri State University. But before that she went to University of Arkansas for two years. She is still young and is still learning about everything and everyone.

“I graduated from college in December. After that St. Charles High School is really all I know,” Tovar said.

Everyone this year has been very welcoming, she’s so far liking it here.

“My favorite thing about teaching is to get to know everyone, to get to know every single student,” Tovar said.

Since she was a long term substitute she knows the building a little bit, but not super well were her exact words. 

“One class that I really really enjoy is Food and Nutrition 1. If you’re in Food and Nutrition 1 you learn how to cook, safety and sanitation, and how to properly work a kitchen,” Tovar said. “It’s super interesting, and if you’re really interested in cooking in general, I think it’s a fun course to take.”