70’s Spirit for COVID-coming

Our first COVID homecoming spirit week at SCHS, the theme: 70’s spirit


Alija Ernst

Spirit week themes for homecoming week

by Alija Ernst, Content Manager

Homecoming week leading up to the homecoming dance – sounds like a high school dream; however this year is a little different. There is gong to be no homecoming dance, however this doesn’t mean we have to get rid of our homecoming spirit week and pride. This week we are having our 70’s themed spirit week with an SCHS and COVID twist. 

On Monday it is dress like the 70’s, so pull out your parent’s bellbottoms and those headbands. 

Tuesday it is dress in tie dye by showing off your crazy colors. 

Wednesday is dress like the stages of life: freshmen are babies, sophomores are toddlers, juniors are adults, and seniors are well seniors. 

Thursday is flower day, wear your favorite floral prints and outfits. 

Finally on Friday it is Pirate Pride day, so wear your SCHS gear and show your pirate pride.