A Familiar Smile

New attendance secretary brings over a joyful attitude all the way from Hardin Middle


Caroline Gooch

Sarah Schiffer is the new attendance Secretary at St.Charles High

by Caroline Gooch, Online Editor

When people first enter St.Charles High they are provided with a warm welcome and a cheerful smile. This greeting is provided by Sarah Schiffer, the attendance secretary. It is a smile many may recognize from her previous place of work Hardin Middle School. Despite being in a new location, not too many things have changed. 

“The biggest difference is that they hold the kids a little more responsible here,” Schiffer said. “We go to the students more than the parents.” 

Schiffer has been thoroughly enjoying her position. 

I love it, I love seeing all the kids. ”

— Sarah Schiffer

 COVID-19 has provided some unique challenges, but Schiffer has embraced the new changes.

“I’ve been getting to know the virtual kids and I wouldn’t if I was in any other position.” 

Though often found behind the attendance desk, Schiffer enjoys a multitude of activities outside of work. 

“I like to camp and I love dogs, so camping with my dogs and kids is probably our favorite thing to do.”