Get a Cupful of This!

The I-70 cup lady is known for displaying messages for thousands to see in her fence. This year, she decided to do something different.

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  • Virginia Werth and Jakob Bredell in front of the cup fence

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by Alex Wilson, Social Media Manager

Some of you may have seen the fence on the outside of highway 70 that writes messages in cups to display a message. The owner of that house has been doing this for years, but this year she decided to try something different. 

Since Corona closed schools all over Missouri, she decided to recognize the seniors of all of the surrounding school districts by displaying a message that the seniors could come take a picture with.

“The announcement about the fence came around the time we started losing senior events (prom, graduation, seasons, etc.) and just knowing that someoone noticed and took the time to do that really meant a lot,” senior Jakob Bredell said.

Even though this wasn’t the ideal senior year, a lot of seniors really enjoyed the display she put up.

“Even though it kinda sucks to be a senior right now, this recognition put a smile to my face,” senior Emily Black said.

The fence lady put up these signs to show support and recognize the entire senior class, which she has never done before.

“There have been many members of our school and community who have gone the extra mile to show that they care and it is truly something special and says something about how we can come together in times of need,” senior Virginia Werth said.