Foreign Trip Cancellation

Both trips have been postponed to next summer due to travel restrictions


Danny Schneider

Japan club before all the corona virus cancellations.

by Danny Schneider, Poll Editor

The United States banned travel to most countries and nonessential travel around the world. The SCHS students who had planned on going on the trips to Italy, Greece, and Japan this year are now postponed until the summer of 2021. Some of the students might have concerns on what will happen, but art teacher Abigail Birhanu sponsor of the Japan trip has already started to figure them out.

“I am confident in EF’s experience with student travel (50 years strong) and believe we are in good hands. I have traveled with them before and was impressed with their professionalism,” Birhanu said. “They are also in constant communication with me which let’s me know they care about my students. I don’t foresee concerns different from those we are facing today but if I see something coming, I know EF is  accommodating and will ensure that we have a safe and worthwhile experience.” 

Restrictions might still be in effect whenever the trips come around in 2021. That is one of the concerns Laura Reese, the teacher who is taking her students to Italy and Greece, is concerned about. 

“I feel that it will be a little different next year, especially Italy because we might still have to take precautions,” Reese said.

The rescheduling progress was hard because the two teachers both love and care for everyone going on the trip and they both wanted to take their students on a trip of a lifetime. 

“Postponing the trip was heartbreaking as I know my students were really looking forward to it. It is all we have been talking about all school year and Japan Club got us even more excited. However, I know it was the best decision and I know when we do finally get to go next year, it will be even more special,” Birhanu said. 

“It was very difficult to make the decision to reschedule the trip and now to keep the motivation going with my travelers,” Reese said. 

In Tokyo, Japan, the Olympics were supposed to happen this summer, but they were postponed because of the virus. This gives the students going on the Japan trip excitement again.

“The Olympics are moving with us so we will have the same experience as the city will be getting excited once again to host the Summer Olympics,” Brihanu said. “The itinerary will be the same as what is offered for this year so the excitement remains the same.” 

Experiences are what make memories and Reese has high hopes for her group that they will still make plenty. 

“I am very excited about still having our trip and to get to travel with the wonderful kids that are going. It is going to be a great experience for all of us!”