Art Club

by Danny Schneider, Poll Editor

On Thursday, Mar. 5, an Art club meeting was held for all students that want to explore their artistic styles.

Art and talk. The club meeting begian with everyone finding their friends and grabbing their projects. Artists need a place to work and chat together so they all join together to have fun and do art.
Mask. A plaster mask was created by a member of the art club so Riley McCampbell tried it on, staring through it. Riley wanted to see what her eyes looked like throught the mask.
Jokes. Jack Tourtillotte glares at his friend, Kassie Jones for saying a bad joke. Jokes were a big part of the club meeting.
Paintings. Corey Metz painted a painting of a plant titled Plant Parent. Almost all of the club was using paints in some form.
Sculptures. Tyler Schniedermeyer works on his sculpture of a mannequin with various different small objects glued onto it. Art isn’t just painting and drawing, there is so many forms of artistic expression.
Ashley Cofield was painting and crafting during the club meeting.
Quiet time. Matt Egan concentrates on his art zoning everything else out. Quiet time is necessary for some of the artists to focus their time on projects.
Picking the paints. Kassie Jones picks out paints for her project she was working on.
Veterans. Savannah Loftus and Chris Crader-Stowers both go to art club every week to do art projects. These are the people who go to the club almost every club meeting making this club what it is.