Beignet, Done That

Band takes trip to New Orleans

by Jaymeson Frey, Reference Manager

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  • One of the many walls of graffiti in New Orleans.

  • New Orleans has many houses that aren’t a “normal” color.

  • A cemetery in New Orleans that the band visited had many pieces of furniture that wasn’t exactly appealing to the eyes.

  • Many band members had the chance to watch a mime who refers to himself as the “Loud Mime” since he talked his entire performance. A crowd favorite was the part where he juggled knives and an apple.

  • While on the steamboat tour, the boat stopped at a battlefield where a trooper talked about how the field behind him was apart of the War of 1812.

  • On the swamp tour, many birds were seen hanging around the area.

  • While on the trip, the band was given a tour, as well as the history of the cemetery.

  • An odd sight the band saw was the tree that had 2 turtles and 2 alligators just hanging out.

  • During the Mardi Gras parades that happened, toilet paper and beads were thrown out, remnants could be seen everywhere.

  • The band had the opportunity to hold a baby alligator.

  • A huge fan favorite on the swamp tour were the alligators that could be seen in many different places.

  • On every corner of New Orleans, there was at least one street performer.

  • As well as birds on the swamp tour, the band saw many families of raccoons who were searching for food.

  • Since Mardi Gras happened shortly before the band arrived in New Orleans, there were still many Mardi Gras related things around the city.

  • The “Loud Mime” had a gentleman playing music in the background.

  • The band had the opportunity to see a clinician who could help them better prepare for large ensemble.

  • Everywhere you look it seemed like someone was holding a sign that said something about money.

  • One of the street performers included a woman dressed a statue.

  • Of course if you go to New Orleans, you have to get gumbo.

  • There was a cemetery in the middle of the swamp the band saw.

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The Band of Pirates spent Feb. 27-March 1 in New Orleans where they did things that ranged from playing for a clinician, to doing a swamp tour. 

One of the things the band was watch a little local jazz band who plays for audiences of all ages.

“My favorite part was going to Preservation Hall to see the jazz band,” freshman Logan Doyle said. “It was a lot of fun and we heard some good music.”

Preservation Hall was a common favorite throughout the band.

“Preservation Hall,” junior Nathan Mohan said. “It was an amazing jazz performance and left me in awe.”

To some people, the music they heard at Preservation Hall will be a memory they remember forever.

“The Preservation Hall was awesome, and I’ve never experienced anything like it,” senior Elizabeth Lund said. “The music was phenomenal and it will stick with me forever.” 

While down there, the band had a lot of things they saw that really stood out to them.

“What stood out the most to me was the culture,” Doyle said. “Everyone there looked and acted like New Orleans, a bubbling city with great personality.”

New Orleans has singular people that stand out, not just groups.

“The thing that stood out was the people,” sophomore Dylan Horst said, “people there are a lot more ‘out there’ than people here.”

“The liveliness of the French Quarter,” Mohan said. “It was very much so alive and energetic.”

The last thing the band did before they left was a swamp tour. Here they were able to see alligators, raccoons and many different species of bird. However, a favorite throughout the band was the baby alligator that they had the opportunity to hold.

“My favorite part was when we were on the swamp tour and the skipper brought out the baby alligator because it was really cute,” Lund said. “I really like animals.”