Tips for Success

Some help for students who want to achieve an A

by Danny Schneider, Poll Editor

1. Create your own study guide: Writing helps you remember things better

2. Ask Questions: ask your teacher questions, it will help you in case you have problems

3. Attend Review Session: reviewing is useful for success and the review class the day before might be a good source of review time

4. Start Early: if you wait till the last minute to study, it will be a struggle to get ahead

5. Take Breaks: taking breaks in between study sessions is important instead of cramming everything in your mind at one time

6. Stay well-rested: Sleep is necessary for success so make sure to get enough sleep the night before the final

7. Study for the style of the Exam: for example, if the test is multiple choice, study using multiple choice questions

8. Quiz Yourself: make sure to quiz yourself before the final so you know what you still have to study for

9. Reoragnize your Notes: seperate the important notes and not as important notes and study the important ones

Kellie Jo Brown

1O. Meet with your Teacher: your teacher is the best resource you have so use them

11. Pace Yourself: do not burn yourself out by doing an all nighter the night before

12. Teach Classmates: teaching a classmate is a good way to help them and yourself


13. Revolve your Focus: switching between subjects while studying is a good way to learn everything while not getting burned out on one subject

14. Visualize: if you are a visual learner, create mind maps or diagrams

15. Make it Fun: reward yourself by getting a treat for getting problems right or make a fun game for a group study session