Strumming Out

Former SCHS student Claudia Hensley plays music all around St. Charles and more


Courtesy of Arron Cooke

Claudia Hensley playing guitar and singing

by Nathan Poteet, Web Designer

In the St. Charles school district, there are many people who take their hobbies very seriously. Although one, Claudia Hensley, stands out from the rest. Hensley, who used to attend SCHS is now home-schooled to spend more time creating and performing music. She has talents beyond most, and it has come to show.

“I’ve been performing for people for about three years. I’ve been making music long before I had the intention of showing anyone,” said Hensley.

Since Hensley started high school, she started to make her hobby a career.

“As of right now it only stretches as far as live music and while I’m very excited for future projects that are going to expand upon that, I’m very content with where I’m at,” said Hensley. “I play at bars and wineries in Missouri and Illinois and get paid fairly well for it.”

Hensley isn’t just a performer. She spends time writing her own music and performing it live for other people.

“I write original music and have been since I got comfortable playing guitar. The inspiration for the music I write mostly comes from stories I’ve lived,” said Hensley.

Hensley has gone above and beyond what most kids with hobbies would ever consider doing. But it’s never really been about the money.

“My favorite part of playing music isn’t anything I’m doing from behind the mic. It’s always been the people. The people who hear my music and resonate with it are the reason for my whole world turning. There’s nothing more gorgeous in the world to me than a room full of nice folks singing along and dancing to the racket I’m making.”