Hispanic Heritage Assembly

The AP Spanish students inform students and staff at SCHS


Hispanic Heritage Month

by Carter Melton, Staff Writer

On Oct. 22, Señora Laura Reese and her AP Spanish students put on their Hispanic Heritage presentation to inform the students and staff about just that, Hispanic Heritage.

“This year in my AP class, we have a lot of students with Hispanic Heritage, so we wanted to do something special,” Reese said. 

The assembly talked about Spanish-speaking countries, the meaning of flags and much more. Many students said they learned a lot from the presentation.

“I didn’t know anything about Hispanic Heritage, so it was really interesting to me,” freshman Josh Klenke said. Other students and staff already knew some things about Hispanic Culture/ Heritage.

“I love expanding my knowledge and learning more about their culture,” Art teacher Abby Birhanu said.

Many students enjoyed the finale of the assembly when Reese asked students and staff to come on up stage and dance with her students.

“The feedback we have gotten from the assembly has been amazing,” Reese said.