Ending on a High Note

2019 Band of Pirates competition ends


Joe Komadina

Band of Pirates performs their routine for competitions in O’Fallon on Sept. 7th.

by Alija Ernst, Content Manager

This year was the first year to have marching band be a volunteer activity instead of it being a class during the school day. According to Sean Bippen, the band director for SCHS, the season went really well for Bippen and the band staff.


“It was really pretty smooth. Our attendance was a lot better at weekly rehearsals. We had no issues leaving for competitions and having people not there or missing people; we think that definitely helped in that,” Bippen said. “The staff has a few things to talk about, things we can do differently next year, but with this being our first year doing it, it was a learning experience for all of us, but we considered it a perfect year.” 


Also, Charlie Shiels, one of the many freshman band members, thought it was a great first year to be a part of the Band of Pirates.


“I think the competitions went well for me because it was my first year of doing marching band,” Shiels said. “I think this year was amazing. We were able to learn everything we needed to be able to perform the whole show.”


Madalynn Turner, a junior that is a part of the color guard, also agreed that the season went well for band and color guard. She also said that things have improved since last year.


“For me, I think it was better because I’ve been to competitions so I knew what to expect and I’ve got more skills,” Turner said. “It did improve more because it’s now a volunteer marching band and the students who actually want to be there…Giving dedicated people a chance to show how they care.”


Bippen also said the season couldn’t have gone any better for its first volunteer year as well as a normal competition year.


“I thought it went great. One of the things about band or especially marching band is that each year, each band has its own unique personality based on the members, and this year was no different. Just watching them grow, not only as musicians but performers,” Bippen said. “I would like to give a huge shout out to the student section at the football games. We thought they were awesome getting quiet at the right time, cheering on the band, and doing the flashlight thing with their phones. It really means a lot to the band, for being supportive to us and it was greatly appreciated by the band and the staff.”