Student Supports Family

McCoy creates gofundme account


Stephon Abron’s senior picture in the 2017 yearbook

by Jay Frey, Reference Manager

A gofundme was created by senior Caleb McCoy to help the family of Stephon Abron. He was a 2017 SCHS graduate who died in an accident that occurred in Warrensburg, Missouri, on Nov. 4.

McCoy was friends with Abron, and he wanted to find a way to give money to Abron’s family after their loss. 

“I really wanted to help out with his family because I know the cost of funerals aren’t cheap,” McCoy said. “It’s just a lot to go through and there’s a lot of people that wanted to help.”

Abron was a person who loved everyone, no matter what.

“He was a great kid overall, there wasn’t really a single person that hated him,” McCoy said. “He always knew how to make you smile. He didn’t care if you were an atheist, he didn’t care if you followed God, he would always still love you. He was just a loving person overall.”

If you’d like to support Stephon’s family, click here.