Fashion Show

by Jay Frey, Reference Manager

Clothing teacher Elizabeth Laley and her Clothing 1 class spent a good amount of time putting together a fashion show. 

For the fashion show, Laley had her students take old pieces of clothes and fabric, and they used these to make new and improved articles.

“We have done up-cycle redesign projects in the past and I always felt that students never really got to show off their work,” Laley said. “The fashion shows gave them the chance to show off their work to their peers, as well as other people in the building.” 

There was a little inspiration behind every piece, each one was different in their own way.

“I don’t know, kind of just creativity, just putting random stuff together to make it look cool,” senior Ethan Ingram said.

Some groups didn’t have inspiration until they started.

“Absolutely nothing,” senior Emily Stephens said. “We just got a piece of fabric and put stuff on it.”

For some students, their inspiration was a little bit of a gamble.

“Making whoever lost rock-paper-scissors look absolutely horrible,” senior Justin Mowry said. 

While this was the first time Laley has done this project, there is hope that future students will be able to partake in the same project.

“I was very impressed with how well everything went. The students worked SO hard and really enjoyed truly being able to show off their work. For the first time things ran pretty smoothly,” Laley said. “I may make some small changes in how we actually present the garments in the future (like have pictures of the starting garments). I would also like to be able to have other students attend the fashion show.”

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