NHS is fundraising to give families in need free Thanksgiving dinner


Nathan Poteet

NHS officers planning for their fundraiser

by Nathan Poteet, Web Designer

This year, the National Honor Society has decided to do a fundraiser for the not so fortunate. They are trying to raise enough money or collect enough food to give 30 local families a free Thanksgiving dinner. 

The idea was brought up by Treasurer Andrew Kelch who talked about his sister who works as an elementary school teacher. 

“She talks about all the time how there will be kids that just go to class that don’t eat, or they eat terrible cafeteria food and they go 50 hours over the weekend with only an apple here and there. So they have no nutrition and not meeting the basic dietary needs,” said Kelch.

For the fundraiser, each officer leads a team to put it all together

“I’m in charge of the recipe book team that’s developing the recipe book that’s gonna go with what we are doing, ” Vice President Jakob Bredell said while describing each officer has their own team they are leading for this individual fundraiser. 

Other than Bredell leading the recipe book team, there are two other teams. President Simon Fernandez and Secretary Emily Black are leading the Marketing team, and Kelch is leading the inventory team.

But the fundraiser goes further than just AIP. NHS is going out to the community and asking for donations.

“We are speaking to local businesses for donations, community members, and then we are going to get the whole school involved and hopefully the entire staff and student body,” said NHS Sponsor Tammy Orrick.

The fundraiser will provide an entire Thanksgiving meal including turkey, stuffing, butter, eggs, and mashed potatoes. They are making a recipe book to go with each basket so the family can cook it themselves. 

There will be a food drive from Nov. 11 -22. For more information, visit Mrs. Orrick in room C204.