Samuel Adams

Adams has been playing basketball, a sport that he has come to know and love ever since he was young


Taking shots. Sam Adams is taking a three point shot during a heated game. This shot was taken during a game against Saint Charles West, the rival school. The game was close and Adams put us in the lead with this three pointer. “I try not to think when I shoot, I just go with what feels right and stay out of my head.”

by Anna Anderson, Staff Writer

Samuel Adams is a player on the varsity basketball team here at St. Charles High and has been since his freshman year. 

Adams says he views himself as a good team player. However, there are a few ups and downs to every team and every game played, even if it is a bad game.

“Try to forget about game altogether and play like I know,” said Adams.It is easy to make mistakes in such a fast paced and difficult sport. Even the smallest mistakes can have big effects on the outcome of the game. Adams just tries to let go of those mistakes he makes so he doesn’t hold onto them to interfere with his next game.

Ever since he started playing basketball in seventh grade, Adams has played on three teams. Out of all of the teams his favorite was STL Hype.

“Coach pretty much let me do whatever I wanted. I wasn’t stuck doing something I didn’t want,” said Adams. He excels in mainly shooting three pointers, as well as giving good passes to his teammates. His biggest accomplishment was when he and his team placed first in the Washington Tournament.

Adams sees his mom as his biggest supporter for many reasons. 

“She pushed me to do stuff even when I don’t want to do it. She comes to every game… she’s always there,” said Adams. 

His mom is actually the person who pushed him to start playing the game he has come to know and love. She wanted him to play because almost his whole family has played. He comes from a large family, consisting of five sisters. He frequently plays with his older sister just for fun and extra practice. 

With every sport, there are complications that are likely to occur.

  ̈Two seasons ago I tore the labrum in my shoulder and had to get surgery,̈ said Adams. After surgery, the recovery was about 5-6 months. Adams had to wear a sling most of the time, which prevented him from playing basketball during this period. He claims that it was a struggle to get back into the rhythm and that it required a lot of weights, running and free form shooting.

Adams is passionate about his sport. So many opportunities have been given to him through the sport he loves. Joining new teams, bonding with his sisters and even new friendships. He plans to go into college with a basketball scholarship and keep playing the sport he loves.