A Change In Leadership

New head Danceline coach strengthens team as individuals and dancers


Nathan Poteet

Marissa Sipe and Kat Lewis lined up with their team at a football game

by Ella Sulwer, Social Media Manager

 This year Erika Pappa joined as head coach of St. Charles High Danceline. So far she has influenced the team by introducing her own passion and dedication to the program. Pappa danced through high school on her school’s Danceline team and then later joined the Lindenwood Lionettes dance team. This is when she met Emily Delaney. Delaney currently works alongside Pappa, as an assistant coach. 

 “We want to push this team to its full potential. We are in the process of building a legacy that every girl that walks through this path will be proud to be part of and happy to talk about with others,” Pappa said. “We push this team and will always push this team to hold themselves to a high standard and know that each one of them is important to the team and many lives. 

 The dancers definitely notices the differences from last year as this year continues, but they are becoming stronger and closer than ever before as a team. 

“Last year was a little unorganized and I still had fun with my team but compared to this year, it’s like day and night,” Sabrina Holtgrewe said. “We are so much stronger and you can tell we really love what we are doing.” 

As much as Pappa and Delaney have done for the team, so far Pappa knows the girls are there for her as much as she is for them. She believes coaching has affected her in several different ways, but everyone’s in agreement that contributing towards this team has left an imprint in their lives. 

“I’ve gained many skills that will help me in my future. But the best reward I get to see is watching all the girls on the team grow into amazing individuals and how much dance has impacted their life, and I can be part of that impact,” Pappa said. “Additionally, I’ve gained many supporters in my life. I support the girls through everything, but they support me in my school work and future.”

Showing support and strength is one benefit for the team this year, but sophomore Lily Iverson realizes just how hard the team is working physically, preparing for competitions in order to make this season count. The girls know what Pappa and Delaney are bringing to the table and the expectations set. 

“She is very strict, and it’s made us such a better team, because we are stronger, we do workouts, we’re more flexible, and we are trying new things, rather than just our normal kick and pom; so we are well rounded this year. In past years there weren’t many rules or strict guidelines,” Iverson said. “This year there are things to follow which is great because we know what we’re doing and it’s really helped us a lot.”

As much as danceline is committed to their dancing, danceline is also about spreading school spirit to those around them. 

“We want to keep showing the community that Danceline is a great opportunity that will impact the lives of many individuals and we encourage anyone to be a part of,” Pappa said.