SCHS’s Weird Pets


by Jay Frey, Reference Manager

The school is full of people who own many different pets, whether it be a dog, a cat, or something extraordinary.

Junior Kate Atterberry has a snail named Shelly Grace.

“She is a baby yellow snail that lives in my fish tank with my fish. She eats the algae in the fish tank, she likes to hide and nap, and she is actually pretty fast for a snail,” Atterberry said. “When I first got her I buckled the seat belt over the bag she came in, and I put her in my passenger seat in my car. I almost popped the bag but we made it home safely. She’s really easy to take care of because you don’t have to feed her, she just chills in the tank.”

Not only do the students have animals like a snail, there are other types. Senior Autumn Vaughn has two rats named Phoebe and Lily.

“My best friend picked out their names,” Vaughn said. “They like to sleep in my hood of my hoodie, or inside my shirt, and they ate a hole in their hammock just to sleep inside of it.”

Pets don’t have to be just animals.

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“I’d say my pinky toe counts as a weird pet because it’s kinda weird, and just like any pet, it’s always there for me, through thick and thin.” Sophomore Lydia Holterman said.

There are also pets who sometimes act like other animals, like guinea pigs who don’t seem too sure as to what kind of animal they are.

“Her name is Luna, she is 7 months old,” senior Destiny Bucher said. “I got the name from Sailor Moon, and she sits on my shoulder like a parrot.”