Race to First Place

Classical Mario Kart game gets released to IOS and Androids for the masses


Mario Kart Tour

by Alija Ernst, Content Manager

Mario Kart is a notable game that Nintendo released in 1992 and now, for decades to come. The newly released game, which came out on IOS and Android, has become a part of everyone’s lives. 

Junior Jack Joplin is an avid player of Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch, the Wii, and now the Mario Kart app for iPhones and Androids. Either way, he gave his two cents about why he plays the game and what his favorite part of the game is.

“I play the game because it’s a fun, fast-paced, competitive game,” Joplin said. “My favorite part of the game is playing the game online with people that are from around the world.” 

However, Social Studies teacher, Bill Hippe, is an intermediate player. He believes that the game is a nostalgic trip for people that are older and lived through all the eras of Mario Kart from beginning to the present. 

“I would say there is a little bit of nostalgia. Because it is literally things that we played to waste a lot of time in college, so it’s not necessarily the competitiveness of it, but the ‘this is what I used to play in college’ and the kinda ‘I miss those times’ thoughts,” Hippe said. 

According to junior Callie King, who doesn’t play Mario Kart at all, she believes that Mario Kart is a complete misuse of energy and time.

“I don’t play the game because it is a big waste of time that you could spend on something else more important,” King said. “ I also think what is so addictive about the game is that it is just a new game of something that has been around for a while.”

Regardless if people are avid players, intermediate players, or not players at all, Mario Kart is a game that has changed the course of the modern racing game history by giving people a sense of familiarity with the Mario franchise as well as Nintendo itself.